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Contemporary enterprises have to constantly expand their operational limits and capabilities to earn profit, thrive and prosper. In the years ahead enterprises will undergo significant transformations as we observe more applications empowered by artificial intelligence, primarily due to substantial progress in machine learning algorithms. Areas such as natural language processing, speech/image/text recognition and self-service BI are likely to be some of the prime beneficiaries of advanced machine learning applications. Furthermore, it can be observed in the case of employees that existential needs are increasingly extended by the desire for meaningfulness, participation and empowerment. Social and ecological issues are so dominant that the question of the value of the work is closely linked to these developments. In order to achieve exceptional success, the combination of the development and deployment of intelligent systems aligned with the need for designing advanced experiences of employees is essential. As a consequence, our area of research focuses primarily on the question about the design of next-generation enterprise applications to best enable ventures for continuous high quality business innovations and human empowerment, leveraging advanced technologies.



Dr. Mario Nadj
+49 721 608-41584


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