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eGovernment enables public organizations to grant citizens easier and faster access to their services through innovative information and communication technology. While governments across the world have made tremendous progress, the public sector still lacks behind in terms of digitization compared to the private sector. Besides having to deal with legacy systems, eGovernment is also hindered by tight budgets and privacy restrictions. Moreover, as digital and smart services require new skills and capabilities, public actors also need to develop their staff and transform their organizational culture. Thus, our research focuses on innovations for public services, such as eParticipation and participatory budgeting as well as on organizational transformation. Moreover, we design and evaluate new tools to advance administrative services in order to explore the potential of cutting-edge eGovernment information systems.


Dr. Simon Kloker
+49 (721) 608-48383simon.kloker∂kit.edu


Manipulation in prediction markets - Chasing the Fraudsters.
Kloker, S.; Kranz, T. T.
2017. 25th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2017), Guimarães, P., June 5-10, 2017, 2980–2990, Association for Information Systems, Atlanta, GA
Ergebnisse und Implikationen aus dem Modellversuch zum Handel mit Flächenzertifikaten.
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