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The mobility sector is undergoing major changes, driven by economic and environmental goals and new technologies. The strengthening local public transport, the introduction of autonomous vehicles, the system-wide use of electric vehicles, and the widespread application of vehicle sensors are just some of the current developments. To meet the challenges of these transitions, our research addresses the interaction of individuals with new digital systems, shapes future mobility markets, and generates value from existing and underused data. Thereby we focus on four areas in the mobility domain: First, we leverage the potential of Information Systems to understand and change user behavior in areas such as the sharing economy and intermodal mobility. Second, we investigate the efficient use of established and emerging means of transport, such as charging characteristics of electric vehicles. Third, we study patterns in failure sequences in order to detect, predict and omit malfunctions of car components. Fourth, we exploit available data (e.g., from vehicle sensors) in order to draw conclusions not only from the user and the vehicles but also from their environment, such as the estimation of road conditions, which is of importance for road users and road authorities.



Dr. Tim Straub
+49 (721) 9654-801